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Its your opportunity as a youth of Africa! A special batch training of 130 African Union Youth Volunteers June 11-27, 2011. Apply now


African Union Youth Volunteers Corps (AUYVC) is a continental development program that recruits and works with youth volunteers, to work in all 53 countries in Africa. AU-YV promotes volunteering to address the incidences of poverty, weak professional and leadership competence development, slow development of Pan-Africanist orientation and socio-economic climate and amongst others to deepen the status of young people in Africa as key participants in the delivery of Africa’s human development targets and goals. It brings people together to share skills, creativity and learning to build a fairer Continent and by implication strengthen Africa’s relevance in the globalized world.

The AU-YVC Project

The AU-YVC is a continental project aiming to deploy Youth Volunteers (AU-YV) from within the continent and from the Diaspora on different projects and programmes across the continent. The main actors of the project are thus:

– The Youth Volunteers (AU-YVC) aged 18-30 with different academic and professional backgrounds willing to serve as volunteers for a period of 12 months in an AU Member State. A volunteer should be:

  • · Sponsored by a Member State and/or International organizations, or;
  • · Self-sponsored and living in Africa, or;
  • · Self-sponsored and living outside of Africa (in the Diaspora)

– Host Organization: these are Institutions and Organizations requesting for volunteers to later provide them with a placement. Organizations could be governmental or non governmental institutions, UN Agencies and AU offices seeking technical support et al

Process Overview

A single deployment cycle consists of the following major sub processes: Application, Sorting and selection, Training and Deployment

Volunteer Applications

Prospective Volunteers are expected to submit their complete application online through the provided interface on the website ( Applicant could apply for one of the following:

– Internship for 3 (three) months

– Volunteer work positions from 6 (six) months upwards

– Junior Professional Positions from 12 (twelve) months upwards;

An application is complete if all of the following criteria are fulfilled:

– A filled out volunteer application form (form available online)

– Uploaded CV (in provided format)

– Uploaded recent photograph (passport size)


VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK: Follow the link below to download the volunteer Handbook and get connected!

Please share the information with your friends, family and organizations. You are always welcome to visit my blog and get opportunities that will help transform our continent.

Best regards,

Joseph M D Johnson


One Young World is the premier global forum for young people of leadership calibre. It manifests the reality of common humanity and the shared existence of all the peoples in one world.

Its purpose is to connect and bring together the youngest and brightest and to ensure that their concerns, opinions and solutions are heard and taken into account by those in power, whether in government, business, or any other sector.

Becoming a Delegate

One Young World is now seeking Delegates for our Summit taking place 1st – 4th September 2011 in Zürich, Switzerland. Becoming a delegate to One Young World is an honour; and not an easy one to attain. Candidates have to demonstrate their commitment to action, to ideals, and to the future.

Each delegate needs to secure 3,000 Euros funding to cover all the costs and expenses of their attendance (this fee is all-inclusive: flights, accommodation, catering, transport, etc). Last year, delegates secured their own sponsorship from all manner of sources, including individuals, companies, NGOs, governments, and educational institutions. We believe in the power of our delegates’ motivation and drive to achieve this funding. One Young World delegates are proactive and try to take control their own future.

Obtaining Sponsorship

In a select few cases last year, sponsors agreed to pay for delegates to attend after having been impressed by their application profiles. We can’t promise or guarantee anybody funding, and strongly recommend that all candidates begin to undertake their own fundraising efforts as soon as possible. However, the importance of a strong application should not be understated. It could be the key to attendance, and can also help you in your own fundraising efforts. A strong application indicates a strong potential delegate. Only completed applications can be considered for attendance, and in very rare cases, put forward for sponsorship.

One Young World Delegates will be selected through a process of nomination by leaders in business, the public sector, the voluntary sector and individuals from each of the 194 countries in the world. One Young World has asked these leaders to nominate and to sponsor people who were born in or after 1985 and who, in their view might have a positive leadership impact on the world. The Delegates must have the following qualities:

1. Be a team player

2. Show leadership potential and skills

3. Be concerned about global issues and his/her place in the world

4. Show ability to grasp complex concepts and provide valuable insights

5. Have a proven record of volunteering and extra-curricular activities (evidence to be supplied)

We encourage candidates to make use of all the embedded tools to publicise their profiles; more “likes” can indicate a proactive approach to the application process, and a high quality of candidate. Furthermore, a high number of likes can help convince sponsors to support you in your own fundraising drives.

Kindly follow this link to apply:

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and thanks for the time.

Best regards,

Joseph M D Johnson

Liberia – Youth Advovate & AY YVC

Dream from the Calabash

Posted: February 11, 2011 in POEMS

Danger gently looked in the eyes of a dark shadow

The old man’s palm wine fumed with delighted smile

Gravity caught the attention of the palm branches

Smocked Lamps could be spotted at the village’s widow

But the furious dust spoke in silence for a while

Night breeze verge the feathers of the lad’s chickens

They were homed in a net basket, with excellent lice—

It wasn’t a tradition —a culture of distressful happiness

Happiness, captured by the brilliant sound of virgin’s dances

Why couldn’t the eye lid receive siesta instructions from his nature?

May be, the fireflies held the attention of an illumine creation

It was very fresh; the sweetness was inspiration to his gray hair

The calabash mirrored his memory with dusting stories

—About how he taped, hunted and weed with rounded achievement

The salt in his sweat applauded his efforts with narrow arrow

Birds lyric were music to babies attempting busy sleep

The fire wood magic spattered in primary colours

Wonderful colours, smugly sending out pleasurable odour—

That was when I watched my first bamboo car move with careless passion

—As my mom’s proudly stood at a distance hut smiling without action

Young man’s virgin were waiting in the banana shrub

Shrub in which love could reconcile with plucky fear

It was a world where wisdom with own to aged—

Wealth, to the energy of hard work

And love, to the deepest care of honest desire

The darkest part of the night was in amity with the cloud

The due escorted stripped footed dances with drowsy laughter

Grimly smock forbid liquid with revengeful annoy

—As standing breast, so tempting, bid hairy chest good bye

This was the youngest beginning of my future’s past—

A brilliant culture to which all African dreams are born

Dedicated to the forefathers of Liberia

Thanks for Reading!

Joseph M D Johnson

My Liberian Dream

Posted: February 11, 2011 in POEMS
Is it a dream?
Can I see when I dream?
A dream deeply rooted in my ancestor’s dream
Young men and women designed with a beautiful aim
A nation in harmony with peace and unity
A society who’s proud is pained with a unique dignity  
Where every young person will have the right to education of good quality

Can I feel when I dream?
The strength of my dream reflects the youth
A brilliant energy to which all hope can enjoy the future of Liberia
The right to life, opportunity and the pursuit of freedom
Indeed freedom Government motivated by the spirit of honesty and hard work
This is my Liberian dream

Can I touch my dream?
In weak wealth went the wise of my walking dream
From Fish town into the Sapo National Park in eastern Liberia
From the Mangroves trees line into Liberia’s tidal estuaries and lagoons
Beyond the coast covered with various kinds of palms, screw pines, and rubber trees
The death, the war, the poverty and the shame is not my dream!
What more can I dream?

What should my dream be?
A dream where Young Liberians would wake up from bed  
Enjoying the right to a standard of living adequate for their holistic development
A dream where every young person shall have the right to enjoy the best
A dream to promote and protect the morals and traditions values recognized by our community
A tender dream to eliminate discrimination against girls and young women
A dream where every young person shall have responsibilities towards his family and society
A dream where we shall live in a Liberia that belongs to ‘Liberians’
And a dream where youth potential is maximized for the posterity of the future

I have considered my obligation to dream
And what I feel, touch, seen and dream are our dream
A dream a day Liberia can become the glory of Africa’s destination
And we shall all thank God to live the Liberian dream

Dedicated to the Future Leaders of Liberia
You can also write your country’s dream!
Thanks for the time,

World Youth Conference 2011

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Youth Opportunities

Date: May 04,2011 – May 04,2011; Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

World Youth Conference is a one day conference at which speakers, educators, charity representatives and active citizens from around North America come together to encourage and empower an audience of youth to take action in their community, and around the world.

The focus of this event is to raise an awareness of world issues, volunteerism, and charitable organizations, and then encourage and empower these youth to take action, and spread their knowledge and ideas among family, friends and peers. World Youth Conference is more than just a one day event of inspiration and motivation.

It is a one-of-a-kind conference, and it ignites an innovative program celebrating the power of young people to create positive change in the world. There are thousands of organizations, charities and movements out there, and this event motivates youth to join them, and begin taking action in their own community, and around the world.

For further information and details, kindly follow this link:

You can kindly post your comment as I get back to you shortly. Thanks for the time as we look forward championing the development of Youth success!

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Joseph M D Johnson


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Change Africa Summit 2011

Posted: February 10, 2011 in African Youth Summit

The 2011 Change Africa Summit is the 7th International Career Development Conference organized by CTF-Africa as a major part of its Impact Project. This is a training event aimed at developing more individuals and institutions that are capable of bearing a structural responsibility for socio-economic and socio-political transformation in Africa. The theme for this year is Re-defining Youth Leadership and Governance from the African Perspective.

The above theme came as a result of our passion to lay necessary foundations to help address the leadership challenges faced by young and upcoming leaders in Africa. We are in the dawn of a new era of development in Africa and we welcome it as the time to lay foundations for change and development; breeding a new generation of young active and visionary people that would be equipped to influence an unequaled transformation on the continent. Why visionary? Visionary because we are building and entering a future that has no familiar road signs; and this requires leaders that can look forward further and see possibilities and develop ideas that will provoke a change in the standard of living of people living on the continent of Africa.

The main objective of the Change Africa Summit is to restore hope to the youth, repair lives, and help to discover prosperous living through entrepreneurship skill development.

“Give a youth fish today, tomorrow he will ask you for more, but teach him how to fish and he will be grateful to you”.

Our emphases on entrepreneurship skill development enable the youth learn how to manage time and resources and how to create something from nothing and how to make it grow.

The 2011 Change Africa Summit will bring together key leaders and youth from various backgrounds to share ideas for growth and development connecting missions to missions and people to people around the continent.

The Change Africa Summit Beneficiaries

CTF has recorded an attendance of over 1,500 youths, professionals and key leaders from across the globe since 2005 and this year several delegates would be participating from over 15 Nations.

Event Schedule:

Change Africa Summit 2011

International Career Development

Conference for Youth, Students and Young Professionals

Date: 23rd – 25th July 2010.

Proposed venue: United States International University Nairobi, Kenya.

Theme: Re-defining Youth Leadership and Governance from the African Perspective.


Creating platforms for youths who are willing to contribute to socio-economic development through innovations and use of skill and knowledge.

Empowering the youth through our Mentoring and Monitoring (M&M) Coalition which helps in:  (i) Facilitating investment into human resource development that includes training for sustainable management of innovations. (ii). Guiding participants throughout the stages of growth and helping them in the establishment of their businesses and vocations.

Networking youths to share ideas and become self-confident, assertive and practical and to think creatively to eradicate poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, filth and diseases.

More Info:

Kenya Airways – discounted return ticket per delegate attending from Ghana is $980 ( this is only for delegates traveling from Accra to Nairobi. If the discounted fare for your Country is not included here: call +254725742820.

Registration for delegates living in Kenaya is $ 50 and registration for all delegates coming from outside Kenya is $100. This covers Accommodation and transport within Kenya for the conference period.

To Register from Ghana, Nigeria, Cote D’ Ivoire, Liberia, Benin, Togo, Ethiopia, Zambia, contact +233201208274.

If you would like to work with CTF as a Representative for your country, send your application and CV to

Best regards,

Joseph M D Johnson

AU Youth Volunteer

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