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Written by Joseph M D Johnson | Young Diplomat, Advocate & Classic Poet, Republic of Liberia | 18.10.17

Oh Peace! Peace, Peace, Peace!

Peace for the old and young Liberians

Peace for the bold and strong Liberians

From River Gee through Grand Bassa to Cape Mount

More peace for all to count


Peace in our national election

Peace towards our traditional celebration;

Free from lies, unforgiveness, hatred and corruption

Overflowing with love, forgiveness and reconciliation

Not the violence from tribalism

But the love for true patriotism


Election is not for violence of war

Election is not of violence for power

Election is not for violence to fear

Election is not for violence of death

Election is not for violence of revenge to theft


Election is for unity and prosperity

From South-eastern Liberia to Nimba with peaceful serenity

Election is for voting for generation’s longevity

Election is for national peace with beautiful harmony

Election is for citizens to enjoy peace so sweet as honey

Election is telling the truth and making good choices not Cunning


We find no peace in violence

We find more peace in unity and credence

A peace that sees election as accountability

A peace that feels election as development

A peace that hears the majority as prosperity

A peace that smells democracy as Good Governance

A peace that taste sound leadership as freedom


Our vote as a people is our peace

Our vote as a people is for positive and transformational change

From Liberia’s Mangroves swamp to the Wologessi Mountain in Lofa County

Our vote is not for greed, betrayal or nepotism

Our vote is to protect our young girls from violence and rape

Our vote is to empower our young men to become self-reliant

Our vote is to create equal opportunity for all Liberians

To live in a Peaceful Liberia that belongs to Liberians

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To all Liberian Youth during every moment of national election. There must be no violence. Let’s stand for Peace. God bless Liberia!

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Empowerment Is Possible

You are born unique yet special

Believe in yourself that all things are possible

Believe in what you love to do

Believe in what makes you happy always

Build your dreams by reading good books

Create your future by believing in your dreams

Expand your life by learning

Focus on your talents and develops your gifts

Take time to identify the realities of life

And feel free to think great thoughts

Because great thoughts will lead you to great ideas

Love what makes you feel good

And motivate yourself to work hard

Life is full of happiness if you are persistent

Try and utilize the abilities you have,

They will prepare you to take opportunities you need to succeed

Develop your mind because it is the treasure of your thoughts

Master your emotions because they will take you far in life

No one knows the future so do not waste time on old ideas

Take a chance if it will make your heart smile

Life is a precious gift from God

Cultivate your abilities everyday

Empowerment is the key to your success

Look for it in all path of life

And help enough people to find their purpose in life

And help others to fulfill their little dreams

Do not criticize anyone dream regardless of its size

It may be the next solution to generations

Do not talk too much but listen more

Do not feel ashamed to love anyone

Because there is nothing impossible to achieve so sweet as love

Always be grateful for each day

Hope for the best

Only fools wish for the worst

Enjoy life and the outcome of your skills to its fullest

Never look down on your personality

Believe in the future

Because you will spend the rest of your life there. . .

~ Joseph M D Johnson ~

Dream from the Calabash

Posted: February 11, 2011 in POEMS

Danger gently looked in the eyes of a dark shadow

The old man’s palm wine fumed with delighted smile

Gravity caught the attention of the palm branches

Smocked Lamps could be spotted at the village’s widow

But the furious dust spoke in silence for a while

Night breeze verge the feathers of the lad’s chickens

They were homed in a net basket, with excellent lice—

It wasn’t a tradition —a culture of distressful happiness

Happiness, captured by the brilliant sound of virgin’s dances

Why couldn’t the eye lid receive siesta instructions from his nature?

May be, the fireflies held the attention of an illumine creation

It was very fresh; the sweetness was inspiration to his gray hair

The calabash mirrored his memory with dusting stories

—About how he taped, hunted and weed with rounded achievement

The salt in his sweat applauded his efforts with narrow arrow

Birds lyric were music to babies attempting busy sleep

The fire wood magic spattered in primary colours

Wonderful colours, smugly sending out pleasurable odour—

That was when I watched my first bamboo car move with careless passion

—As my mom’s proudly stood at a distance hut smiling without action

Young man’s virgin were waiting in the banana shrub

Shrub in which love could reconcile with plucky fear

It was a world where wisdom with own to aged—

Wealth, to the energy of hard work

And love, to the deepest care of honest desire

The darkest part of the night was in amity with the cloud

The due escorted stripped footed dances with drowsy laughter

Grimly smock forbid liquid with revengeful annoy

—As standing breast, so tempting, bid hairy chest good bye

This was the youngest beginning of my future’s past—

A brilliant culture to which all African dreams are born

Dedicated to the forefathers of Liberia

Thanks for Reading!

Joseph M D Johnson

My Liberian Dream

Posted: February 11, 2011 in POEMS
Is it a dream?
Can I see when I dream?
A dream deeply rooted in my ancestor’s dream
Young men and women designed with a beautiful aim
A nation in harmony with peace and unity
A society who’s proud is pained with a unique dignity  
Where every young person will have the right to education of good quality

Can I feel when I dream?
The strength of my dream reflects the youth
A brilliant energy to which all hope can enjoy the future of Liberia
The right to life, opportunity and the pursuit of freedom
Indeed freedom Government motivated by the spirit of honesty and hard work
This is my Liberian dream

Can I touch my dream?
In weak wealth went the wise of my walking dream
From Fish town into the Sapo National Park in eastern Liberia
From the Mangroves trees line into Liberia’s tidal estuaries and lagoons
Beyond the coast covered with various kinds of palms, screw pines, and rubber trees
The death, the war, the poverty and the shame is not my dream!
What more can I dream?

What should my dream be?
A dream where Young Liberians would wake up from bed  
Enjoying the right to a standard of living adequate for their holistic development
A dream where every young person shall have the right to enjoy the best
A dream to promote and protect the morals and traditions values recognized by our community
A tender dream to eliminate discrimination against girls and young women
A dream where every young person shall have responsibilities towards his family and society
A dream where we shall live in a Liberia that belongs to ‘Liberians’
And a dream where youth potential is maximized for the posterity of the future

I have considered my obligation to dream
And what I feel, touch, seen and dream are our dream
A dream a day Liberia can become the glory of Africa’s destination
And we shall all thank God to live the Liberian dream

Dedicated to the Future Leaders of Liberia
You can also write your country’s dream!
Thanks for the time,