African Union Youth Volunteers Corps (AUYVC)

Posted: February 12, 2011 in African Youth and development, Youth Opportunities

Its your opportunity as a youth of Africa! A special batch training of 130 African Union Youth Volunteers June 11-27, 2011. Apply now


African Union Youth Volunteers Corps (AUYVC) is a continental development program that recruits and works with youth volunteers, to work in all 53 countries in Africa. AU-YV promotes volunteering to address the incidences of poverty, weak professional and leadership competence development, slow development of Pan-Africanist orientation and socio-economic climate and amongst others to deepen the status of young people in Africa as key participants in the delivery of Africa’s human development targets and goals. It brings people together to share skills, creativity and learning to build a fairer Continent and by implication strengthen Africa’s relevance in the globalized world.

The AU-YVC Project

The AU-YVC is a continental project aiming to deploy Youth Volunteers (AU-YV) from within the continent and from the Diaspora on different projects and programmes across the continent. The main actors of the project are thus:

– The Youth Volunteers (AU-YVC) aged 18-30 with different academic and professional backgrounds willing to serve as volunteers for a period of 12 months in an AU Member State. A volunteer should be:

  • · Sponsored by a Member State and/or International organizations, or;
  • · Self-sponsored and living in Africa, or;
  • · Self-sponsored and living outside of Africa (in the Diaspora)

– Host Organization: these are Institutions and Organizations requesting for volunteers to later provide them with a placement. Organizations could be governmental or non governmental institutions, UN Agencies and AU offices seeking technical support et al

Process Overview

A single deployment cycle consists of the following major sub processes: Application, Sorting and selection, Training and Deployment

Volunteer Applications

Prospective Volunteers are expected to submit their complete application online through the provided interface on the website ( Applicant could apply for one of the following:

– Internship for 3 (three) months

– Volunteer work positions from 6 (six) months upwards

– Junior Professional Positions from 12 (twelve) months upwards;

An application is complete if all of the following criteria are fulfilled:

– A filled out volunteer application form (form available online)

– Uploaded CV (in provided format)

– Uploaded recent photograph (passport size)


VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK: Follow the link below to download the volunteer Handbook and get connected!

Please share the information with your friends, family and organizations. You are always welcome to visit my blog and get opportunities that will help transform our continent.

Best regards,

Joseph M D Johnson


  1. NGEN YVES RIYUH says:


  2. Ahmed says:

    İm citizen from somalia

    İm really interesting to be one of AU volunteers

  3. Agatha Levi says:

    Hopefully waiting to be a part of this year’s voluteering opportunity as i have applied

  4. Alice Murage says:

    Hello,thanx for the infomation.
    I would to apply as a volunteer at AU-YVC but i couldn’t find the AU CV format on the net.Please assist me.
    Thanx,Alice Murage.

  5. Joan Tandu says:

    AU-YVC is very good for it builds the capacity of many youths in africa

  6. Joan Tandu says:

    Cant wait 2 be one

  7. langsi emmanuella says:

    this is a wonderful initiative that gives the African youths the opportunity in building our great motherland Africa

  8. Ngwa Innocent Mullah says:

    Hello,thanx for the infomation.
    I would to apply as a volunteer at AU-YVC but i couldn’t find the AU CV format on the net.Please assist me.
    Thanx,Ngwa Innocent

  9. Anne Lise Ekodo says:

    Je suis de ceux qui pensent que le développement de l’Afrique passera par les africains.L’Afrique recèle d’un grand potentiel de part sa jeunesse,aussi j’applaudis cette initiative.Etant moi même jeune africaine,j’aimerai faire partie de la mouvance,mais je ne sais pas comment envoyer mon cv. Pouvez-vous me donner des indications pour aboutir,svp?Je vous remercie d’avance. Anne Lise Ekodo

  10. Anteneh Desta says:

    we need change in africa we do it!!!!!!

  11. Ntakirutimana emelyne says:

    I liked th manner ur informed us about AU-YVC I am willing to take part ,I am African -Burundi could u please clarify on my email all conditions to be in? Thankx

  12. Erection Oil says:

    Appreciation to my father who informed me regarding this website, this webpage is genuinely remarkable.

  13. AOS says:

    It’s really nice African Union is giving youth the opportunity to make a change in Africa. Thank.

  14. Patricia Birindwa says:

    je pense que l’Afrique doit s’unir comme un seul homme pour faire face aux maux qui sont siennes, et cela c’est passera par les jeunes,merci pour cette initiative
    veuillez nous donnez des amples informations sur le AU-YVC, j’aimerais faire partie de la cohorte de 2017 seulement veuillez nous fournir des details sur comment créér le profil.

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