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By: Joseph Moseray Decontee Johnson |AU Youth Volunteer & African Youth Advocate

We speak of hive of resolutions without any bees

To dry thatch of smoky peace but busy thieves

Voices of dancing tune we speak

Awaiting laden discussions to draw at its peak

Decay dreams in tassel rust, we cry in pain

With smiling potential, we talk to gain

Our government foaming beer, shadow wings

When will it change? Swallowing golden rings

When you dress with sprinkling perfume, we want action

For any growing bees, we need quality education

Chock our claypots of craving intelligence

With wet dialogues, honey and developmental fragrance

Africa youth speak, our mothers dies

Bamboo flees in the busy wind, the day flies

Let the system work, we unwrap our woods

Commit to change, the goatskin stinks behind our doors

Now, protect our baby monkeys and green chicken

Stop shaving young bees in their absence, we love token

The bird sings. The bats watch but our young women?

Invest in our minds, the firewood heat our men

We speak the culture of history, a free homeland

Dreams of our ancestors twisting our land

We are tapping the music for sustainable jobs

The muddy rain, Africa youth speak with courage knobs




Contact: Rashida Petersen, (202) 499-2380 ext. 288 or

OIC International enlists support of government of Ghana for Youth Investment Summit: The road to economic growth, Accra, Ghana, May 16, 2013

photo1WASHINGON, DC, USA (MARCH 19, 2013)— Recently, Crispian Kirk, President and CEO of Opportunities Industrialization Centers International (OIC International) met with His Excellency Mr. Daniel O. Agyekum, Ghana’s Ambassador to the United States. The purpose of the meeting was to brief Ambassador Agyekum on OIC International’s Youth Investment Summit: The Road to Economic Growth. This one-day Summit will take place at the La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra, Ghana, on May 16, 2013.  Government and business leaders as well as entrepreneurs, donors and community leaders will gather to examine the “how” for unlocking human potential in unemployed and underemployed youth throughout Africa. The Summit will also focus on the importance of training and investing in Africa’s youth to help the continent strengthen its local communities and reach its economic growth goals.

OIC International has had a presence in Ghana since 1971 through affiliate OIC Ghana. Through this affiliate, OIC provides training in vocational skills and offers counseling, job-placement, and follow-up services to disadvantaged, unskilled, and unemployed Ghanaian youth. Youth constitute approximately 37 percent of the total labor force, but make up approximately 60 percent of total unemployment. Youth in Africa hold great potential as drivers for economic growth through participation in labor markets. However, a large youth population that is not gainfully employed can also be a liability, further undermining growth prospects. This Summit will be an opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen youth and community empowerment, one of the 21st century challenges confronting the continent.

Stated Crispian Kirk, “Technical and vocational training of Africa’s youth will equip the private and public sectors with the skilled workforce needed to support their investments and enhance their operations. Training today’s youth in Africa is a key strategic component of development and economic growth policy. I am looking forward to working not only with Ambassador Agyekum and the Government of Ghana to ensure a successful and productive Summit” For more information on and to register for the Youth Investment Summit: The Road to Economic Growth, visit

Kind greetings!

I’m honor to provide you with a brief insight into this year Africa Youth Economic Forum (AYEF 2013). You all know that we successfully had a great year 2012 in Accra at the Model AU Summit to commemorate the AU Day! This year, AYEF 2013 is going to be far exciting and great! I will be processing over 500+ delegates or participants from across the African Continent. Please contact me for further details, request or information you may need to help you attend AYEF 2013!

I will be glad to process your invitation letters for you or your organization and any special letter you may want to facilitate your participation!


On this note I encourage you to Apply today to join us at the Accra International Conference Center for the Continent’s Largest Networking Event-The Africa Youth Economic Forum. Simply send your CV to with the Subject as “Participant” if you want to attend the Forum as a participant. To attend as an Exhibitor-simply send your request to be an Exhibitor detailing your type of product to with the Subject as “Exhibitor”

The Africa Youth Economic Forum will feature a One-on-One no barrier Mentorship session with some of Africa’s Seasoned Entrepreneurs; Discussions; Propelling New Markets and Clientele through an Exhibition; Create Partnerships; Grow Businesses; Enhance Entrepreneurship;  Trade; Education; Investments;  Innovation;  Leadership; Governance;  and will be held on the 25th of May 2013 at the Accra International Conference Center!

The Forum is meant to be the largest networking event for African Youth Entrepreneurs, Investors, Innovators, Corporate Africa, Chambers of Commerce, and Educators from across Africa who will gather in Accra for this Forum.

We have in the past two celebrations of the AU Day organized a similar Forum, with special mention from the past Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and Key members of the Diplomatic Corps in Ghana.

We invite you to apply today: simply send Your CV to with the Subject of your mail as “Participant.” If you want to exhibit your products at this Forum. Simply send your request to with the Subject as “Exhibitor.”

On Behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Our Partner and GCEEI, I wish you all the best with your application.


Joseph M D Johnson Sr

AU Youth Volunteer/ Advocate

Resent Summit 2011 – 2012