Change Africa Summit 2011

Posted: February 10, 2011 in African Youth Summit

The 2011 Change Africa Summit is the 7th International Career Development Conference organized by CTF-Africa as a major part of its Impact Project. This is a training event aimed at developing more individuals and institutions that are capable of bearing a structural responsibility for socio-economic and socio-political transformation in Africa. The theme for this year is Re-defining Youth Leadership and Governance from the African Perspective.

The above theme came as a result of our passion to lay necessary foundations to help address the leadership challenges faced by young and upcoming leaders in Africa. We are in the dawn of a new era of development in Africa and we welcome it as the time to lay foundations for change and development; breeding a new generation of young active and visionary people that would be equipped to influence an unequaled transformation on the continent. Why visionary? Visionary because we are building and entering a future that has no familiar road signs; and this requires leaders that can look forward further and see possibilities and develop ideas that will provoke a change in the standard of living of people living on the continent of Africa.

The main objective of the Change Africa Summit is to restore hope to the youth, repair lives, and help to discover prosperous living through entrepreneurship skill development.

“Give a youth fish today, tomorrow he will ask you for more, but teach him how to fish and he will be grateful to you”.

Our emphases on entrepreneurship skill development enable the youth learn how to manage time and resources and how to create something from nothing and how to make it grow.

The 2011 Change Africa Summit will bring together key leaders and youth from various backgrounds to share ideas for growth and development connecting missions to missions and people to people around the continent.

The Change Africa Summit Beneficiaries

CTF has recorded an attendance of over 1,500 youths, professionals and key leaders from across the globe since 2005 and this year several delegates would be participating from over 15 Nations.

Event Schedule:

Change Africa Summit 2011

International Career Development

Conference for Youth, Students and Young Professionals

Date: 23rd – 25th July 2010.

Proposed venue: United States International University Nairobi, Kenya.

Theme: Re-defining Youth Leadership and Governance from the African Perspective.


Creating platforms for youths who are willing to contribute to socio-economic development through innovations and use of skill and knowledge.

Empowering the youth through our Mentoring and Monitoring (M&M) Coalition which helps in:  (i) Facilitating investment into human resource development that includes training for sustainable management of innovations. (ii). Guiding participants throughout the stages of growth and helping them in the establishment of their businesses and vocations.

Networking youths to share ideas and become self-confident, assertive and practical and to think creatively to eradicate poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, filth and diseases.

More Info:

Kenya Airways – discounted return ticket per delegate attending from Ghana is $980 ( this is only for delegates traveling from Accra to Nairobi. If the discounted fare for your Country is not included here: call +254725742820.

Registration for delegates living in Kenaya is $ 50 and registration for all delegates coming from outside Kenya is $100. This covers Accommodation and transport within Kenya for the conference period.

To Register from Ghana, Nigeria, Cote D’ Ivoire, Liberia, Benin, Togo, Ethiopia, Zambia, contact +233201208274.

If you would like to work with CTF as a Representative for your country, send your application and CV to

Best regards,

Joseph M D Johnson

AU Youth Volunteer

+233 244 184181

Republic of Liberia

  1. almami barrow says:

    hello guys will there be scholarship for youths to attend

  2. Victor says:

    Am truly delighted in the work ur doing in empowering our African Youth by Training and Dev elopement. Kudos 2 u all..!
    Hi, i love to be part of ur summit as a facilitator and country rep. My Name Victor Egwu. am a human resource, conference and public speaker based in Abuja Nigeria. am into Youth development and capacity building, Have hosted number conferences both in Nigeria and other African countries including Egypt, Monrovia Liberia, Accra Ghana etc.
    Send me details of ur conference and will sponsor my self to the conference as part of my contribution to the development of our African Youth. can also organize and host one in Abuja Nigeria if u want. tnks 4 ur cooperation.

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