Joseph M D Johnson

Joseph Moseray Decontee Johnson, a Liberian Youth Advocate, DAFI Scholar, founder and Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) of the Youth Empowerment for Progress – YEP; youth empowerment strategist highly involved in youth empowerment and African Youth activities and a certified African Union Youth Volunteer—studied at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration — GIMPA in Ghana.

Johnson continue to influence policies and is also an active student leader, steward of the environment, a Global Changemaker, growing expert in planning and implementing Youth Projects and Programs that focus on Quality Education, Youth Participation, Good Governance, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Johnson envision his long term goal to be an established entrepreneur, a respected leader, with an influential personality, great skills and experience; valued and esteemed as the best in his professional field. His passion is to impact and transform the lives of youth in disadvantaged societies through the empowerment of quality education, leadership and vocational skills; to empower, motivate and inspire youth! His desire is to be a respected and accomplished Author on Youth and Leadership and run global operations on international business and leadership. His utmost aspiration is to help construct the best and largest Center of Excellence and Youth Empowerment in the world being design and built in Africa; a world class structure that will serve as the significant point for global youth activities including education, research, consultations, entertainment and recreation.

Presently, he is a growing marketing professional and represents Liberian Youth at diplomatic decision-making meetings including summits, forums, and conferences and has recently been conferred the Titled: Peace Ambassador by the United Nations Youth Association in Ghana. He is an active volunteer of the newly established online African Union Working Group. “I participate actively in development processes at continental, regional and national levels and help engage leaders at these levels to stand for Peace and prioritize youth development issues, youth participation, governance by advocating for the rectification, implementation and monitoring of the African Youth Charter.” In support of the MGDs Goal 8: ‘Develop a Global Partnership for Development.’

Joseph has devoted his voluntary services to creating partnership with African Youth Ministries across the continent to help strength the knot through dialogue and partnership. This commitment have driven his time and efforts to work along with youth organizations from different background, planning and organizing forums, conferences, summits and high profile meetings. To this effect, he is currently the Under Secretary General (for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management) for the Model African Union: Giving African Youth A Voice. . .

Joseph is multi-talented, a thinker, like reading and love writing. He seeks to achieve excellence in little things that he does and is passionate to help improve the lives of young people by empowering, motivating and inspiring them. His personality is seen as multi-talented, very friendly, a sense of strong self-confidence, creative and enthusiastic; Quality focused with a passion for continuous improvement; attention to detail, planning, organization, and daily delivery requirements; ability to handle pressure with ease, highly adaptable, mobile, positive and resilient and good team player and highly adaptable to change.

Passion:  “To Empower Motivate and Inspire the lives of Youth!!”


C: +233 244 284181

  1. wakoba sam says:

    Wow,this is impressive! would like to participate too and change my country.

  2. joeforlove says:

    Hey Wakoba,

    You can do better. Look around you! There are many opportunities in your communities. Young men and women need help day-in and day-out. find out those needs and create the possibilities t make those dreams a reality!

    You can start with a story, pictures, arts, friendship, talking about peace and development! All the best!

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