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The synopsis to his book, “The Empowerneurship,” Joseph M D Johnson idea is drawn from his experience of being socially discriminated and excluded from decision-making processes ostracized and categorized by war, lack of self-sufficiency and highly dependent on charity, or welfare as a Liberian refugee. The turning point of his life is as a result from strongly believing in God, gaining knowledge from pages of books and his ability to lead a social youth organization in a positive direction by proper leadership, adapting to changing environment and understanding his own strengths and weaknesses.


Over the years experts have been thinking about a new creative and innovative way to contribute their wisdom to the empowered entrepreneur’s communities around the globe. Professionals continue to find out new ways to turn goals into relevant realities. Successful businessmen have a joint belief that entrepreneurs have different believe then other people. These different beliefs set a stage between Empowerment and Entrepreneurship.

Joseph M D Johnson, for the first time since the inception of business ideas and the evolution of the concepts, empowerment and entrepreneurship has coined an ingenious 21st century business term, “Empowerneurship.” Through Empowerneurship the possibility to find a way to become more creative and innovative in achieving maximum success exists. His concept is simple and straightforward yet providing a classic model through obtaining basic opportunities for marginalized people through the significant qualities of leadership, initiative and innovation in business.

Empowerneurship is a master piece of enlighten business concept that demonstrates deep principle that experts are curious to synergize into their new experience of business and personal development knowledge. The future of motivating, developing and empowering entrepreneurs is empowerneurship.

Empowerneurship draws more meaning from the assumption of taking risk and dealing with the uncertainty by the ‘empowerneur.’ The attention drawn from the function of an empowerneur with focus and clarity is done through the help for marginalized people and those who share their own access to opportunities and benefits. The significant beauty of the term “Empowerneurship,” would be in agreement with either the French economist Jean-Baptiste Say, the man who have the credit for coining the term entrepreneur or the Irish-French economist Richard Cantillon who first defined it.

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