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We have successfully created a working Group to continue making noise and fulfill our promises on African Union Anthem, the Youth Charter and AGENDA 2063.

Now the big task ahead of us is how can we advocate/make a big noise to get others countries to signed, ratified and acceded the Charter and also popularized it to make it known to every single young person in Africa.

We are inviting volunteers to help us draft concept /background paper on why the group and how it should operate so that we know what exactly we want do and how to do it and also provide opportunities for outsiders to get a clear picture of what the group is out to achieved.

Interested volunteers should kindly in box me OR send an email to our Group Administrator: Kawsu Sillah <

AU Working Group 2014

shutterstock_125996309The new generation Kenya is full of rich ideas. The youth are very eager to create employment; a situation brought about by lack of opportunities, corruption, tribalism and unequal distribution of resources.

This had been the case for quite a long time making it sort of a tradition. One had to go to school, get a good job, work, save and then retire. It was difficult to break even because of the high unemployment rate in the country currently at 40%.

Financial independence remained a mirage many struggled to grasp. However, several outstanding youths have successfully tapped into their entrepreneurial skills to achieve the Kenyan dream. Hard work and innovativeness are the key ingredients for certain.

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