Empowerment Is Possible (POEM)

Posted: October 2, 2012 in African Youth and development, Motivational and Inspirational, POEMS, Self Development

Empowerment Is Possible

You are born unique yet special

Believe in yourself that all things are possible

Believe in what you love to do

Believe in what makes you happy always

Build your dreams by reading good books

Create your future by believing in your dreams

Expand your life by learning

Focus on your talents and develops your gifts

Take time to identify the realities of life

And feel free to think great thoughts

Because great thoughts will lead you to great ideas

Love what makes you feel good

And motivate yourself to work hard

Life is full of happiness if you are persistent

Try and utilize the abilities you have,

They will prepare you to take opportunities you need to succeed

Develop your mind because it is the treasure of your thoughts

Master your emotions because they will take you far in life

No one knows the future so do not waste time on old ideas

Take a chance if it will make your heart smile

Life is a precious gift from God

Cultivate your abilities everyday

Empowerment is the key to your success

Look for it in all path of life

And help enough people to find their purpose in life

And help others to fulfill their little dreams

Do not criticize anyone dream regardless of its size

It may be the next solution to generations

Do not talk too much but listen more

Do not feel ashamed to love anyone

Because there is nothing impossible to achieve so sweet as love

Always be grateful for each day

Hope for the best

Only fools wish for the worst

Enjoy life and the outcome of your skills to its fullest

Never look down on your personality

Believe in the future

Because you will spend the rest of your life there. . .

~ Joseph M D Johnson ~

  1. So true. We follow so many false hopes to happiness when all the true joys come from a compassionate and positive attitude.. Have you read the poem Desiderata by Max Ernst, It is posted on my front page if you should care to have a look. Your poem is a worthy addition to it’s presence in the world..

  2. william says:

    my boy u are GOOOOD

  3. william hnen says:

    joseph i likes that

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