Africa Youth Speaks – POEM

Posted: April 29, 2013 in African Youth and development

By: Joseph Moseray Decontee Johnson |AU Youth Volunteer & African Youth Advocate

We speak of hive of resolutions without any bees

To dry thatch of smoky peace but busy thieves

Voices of dancing tune we speak

Awaiting laden discussions to draw at its peak

Decay dreams in tassel rust, we cry in pain

With smiling potential, we talk to gain

Our government foaming beer, shadow wings

When will it change? Swallowing golden rings

When you dress with sprinkling perfume, we want action

For any growing bees, we need quality education

Chock our claypots of craving intelligence

With wet dialogues, honey and developmental fragrance

Africa youth speak, our mothers dies

Bamboo flees in the busy wind, the day flies

Let the system work, we unwrap our woods

Commit to change, the goatskin stinks behind our doors

Now, protect our baby monkeys and green chicken

Stop shaving young bees in their absence, we love token

The bird sings. The bats watch but our young women?

Invest in our minds, the firewood heat our men

We speak the culture of history, a free homeland

Dreams of our ancestors twisting our land

We are tapping the music for sustainable jobs

The muddy rain, Africa youth speak with courage knobs


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