African Youth Day 2011: AIMUN-AU 2011

Posted: September 6, 2011 in African Youth and development, African Youth Summit


For its 2nd Annual Conference, AIMUN is partnering with the African Union to mark the African Youth Day with a Model African Union Conference. The conference will be held between November 1st – 4th at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The 2011 conference will simulate the African Union Structure as well as its rules and procedures closely. The conference will be the first continental level Model African Union.

While preparing for the 2011 AIMUN-AU conference, students develop leadership, research, writing, public speaking and problem solving skills as well as have to familiarize themselves with several AU documents, such as the African Youth Charter.

In addition, it provides students with the arena to put into practice theories and techniques learned in class; such as consensus building and conflict resolution, all of which they will use throughout their lives. Through debate, the conference will also aim to achieve the objective of Article 13 of the African Youth Charter, which is to “prepar[e] young people for responsible lives in free societies that promote peace, understanding, tolerance, dialogue, mutual respect and friendship among all nations and across all groupings of people.”

It will also enable students the opportunity to interact and network with students from different cultures and backgrounds as well as further Article 26 (l) of the African Youth Charter, to “Promote patriotism towards and unity and cohesion of Africa.”

AIMUN-AU 2011 Committees

The AIMUN-AU 2011 conference will follow the the legislative structure of the African Union and its committees as stipulated in the African Union charter.

Pan-African Parliament

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) is the legislative body of the African Union. The PAP exercises oversight, and has advisory and consultative powers.Four committees of the Pan-African Parliament will be simulated. These are:

1. Committee on Rural Economy, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment

2. Committee on Trade, Customs, and Immigration Matters

3. Committee on Transport, Industry, Communications, Energy, Science, and Technology

4. Committee on Justice and Human Rights

AIMUN-AU 2011 Application

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  1. Abdoulie Fye says:

    Thanks for the good job..can you share with the theme for 2011 african youth day

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