Youth Urban Arts and Design Competition launched

Posted: May 14, 2011 in African Youth and development, Youth Opportunities

Nairobi, 12 May 11

UN-HABITAT invites young artists, young urban planners, designers and other creative young people from around the world to show case their skills in an Urban Arts and Design Competition. Under the theme “My Vision of an Ideal City”, the competition will showcase the diversity of future cities as envisioned by young people in the form of visual designs, imagery and artwork.

This competition is an acknowledgment and celebration of young people’s contribution to visual arts in sustainable urban development. The aim is to capture young people’s contributions in terms of youth empowerment, employment, safety, sports, culture, social services, infrastructure and housing.

Four winners will be awarded a cash prize of USD 500 and their work will be shown in an online exhibition on the UN-HABITAT website, the Urban Gateway and the Global Youth Helpdesk for at least one month.

The Competition is open to young people aged 15-34 years and will close on 28th June 2011.

As a leader in sustainable urban development, UN-HABITAT recognizes that urban young people face enormous challenges, but also have creativity, enthusiasm and vast skills that are crucial for promoting socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities. Without inclusion of young people, efforts in creating livable cities will not be fully complete. To support and engage urban youth, UN-HABITAT implements a number of programmes. Some of these programmes are the Messengers of Truth programme, the Youth Envoy Initiative, the One Stop and We are the Future Centers, and the Opportunities Fund for Youth led development.

For more information on UN-HABITAT youth programmes please click link below;

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