Posted: April 29, 2011 in African Youth and development, Youth Opportunities

Joseph M D Johnson, on behalf of the Republic of Liberia sign and make commitment to  achieving the  Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the 2nd African Youth and Governance Conference in Accra – Ghana. Sign the petition here

We the concerned citizen s of Africa reiterate that Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are the world’s shared development agenda to reduce major aspects of human poverty.

To achieve the MDGs, we call on African Governments to:

  • Re-affirm their commitment to the achievement of the MDGs by 2015.
  • Work with their citizens, parliaments and local governments to develop and implement break-through action plans.
  •  Address inequality, discrimination and marginalization of specific social group with disabilities, women, youth as integral part of the breakthrough plans.
  • Address resource leakages and corruption with urgency.
  • Act urgently to implement the African Protocol on women’s right and similar undertaking in relation to youth, children and people living with disabilities.
  • Put employment and decent work for women and young people at the center of economic policies.
  • Uphold all continental agreements and protocols to budget adequately for the achievement of the MDGs including such targets as 15% to health, 10% to Agriculture, 10% to education.
  • Put more efforts into mobilizing and retaining domestic resources through fair and efficient taxation, fair sharing of natural resource rents and the prevention of illicit capital flight.


We commit as citizen groups to engage our governments at various level in order to hold them to account for these commitments.

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Joseph is a youth advocate presently studying at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration – GIMPA and a certified African Union Youth Volunteer; highly involve in youth empowerment activities. “I participate actively in development processes at continental, regional and national levels and help engage leaders at these levels to prioritize youth development issues, youth participation & governance by advocating for the ratification, implementation and monitoring of the African Youth Charter.”

  1. Miguel Sanchez says:

    Hi Mr Johnson
    Hope the best is with you and yours
    I support your initiative but
    I have not suceed to get the petition page
    the link opens to a ” Nigeria Networks of ngo “with mention “404 page not found”

    • joeforlove says:


      Thanks for the comment. The original link of the African Youth and Governance: Trust that you will find details about the ‘petition’ and further information that may be of your interest. Please let me know if the link was a help as we look forward for the best.

      Best regards,


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