Pan African Youth Summit 2011

Posted: April 10, 2011 in African Youth and development, African Youth Summit, Youth Opportunities

Event Website:

4-10 September 2011, eRhini/Grahamstown, South Africa

The Pan-African Youth Summit will be a weeklong forum on the African Renaissance with particular attention to critical issues affecting the continent, integration of the African Diaspora, world politics, international relations, law, media, business, education, global economy and human development.

The objective of the conference will be to facilitate an exchange of ideas across an ethnically diverse and socially responsible group of young African leaders. The conference blends social interaction with cultural and educational components into one cohesive experience. We believe in the learning method of direct, hands-on experience or engaging first hand with those who have had the hands-on experience.

The Inaugural PAYD Summit will practice the young people’s leadership skills and introduce them to international organizations that promote human advancement using the following interrelated events:

1. A United Nations Security Council emergency meeting simulation

2. A mock African Court for Human and People’s Rights pre-trial
3. A model Pan-African Parliament proceeding
4. Visits to Parliament of the Republic of South Africa or a Provincial Legislature
5. Group Debates and Panel Discussion on African security, environmental sustainability, rule of law, responsible leadership, human development, education, economy, civil society and governance and mass media.
6. Meetings and Banquet Dinners with leading experts, diplomats, politicians, traditional leaders, elders, eminent persons and businesspersons.

The PAYD Summit will invite young people (from Honours level or final year LLB) to submit papers on any of the thematic areas. These papers will be assessed by volunteer academics or people from industry in both content and style. These papers are not conference discussion documents but rather are think-pieces for conference delegates.

Please note that the Summit Application can now be found here!

Application forms must be e-mailed to:

For any enquiries, please contact Ms Pumeza Mdangayi on or

Thanks for the time and taking advantage of this youth opportunity. I hope you find the information useful as I look forward giving you the best assistance as we all champion the development of Africa!!

Joseph M D Johnsom

AU Youth Volunteer C – LIBRIA

+233 244 284281

  1. Natelee Forbes says:

    Loving this…..

  2. RUTARO ROBERT, Kampala Uganda says:

    Hi, i applied to attend the forthcoming youth summit in South Africa, and i would like to know if my application was successfull. kindly advise. thx.

    kind regards!


  3. Beyan says:

    I have not receive any email on the thing I approch you on.

  4. Repsta Tenbux says:

    Hi joeforlove,

    We r about to conduct another youth summit in Orange Farm, Gauteng. Still planning it.
    How can we make it the best memorable and successful youth summit as its gonna be our first.
    Issues to be tackled are: unemployment, crime, drugs, hiv-aids, business, entrepreneurship, internships, etc.
    Basically the social & human development and opportunities available for the youth in Orange Farm.
    Plz advise on budget and implementation.


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