Global Youth Leadership Summit 2011

Posted: March 25, 2011 in African Youth and development, African Youth Summit, Youth Opportunities

A global world needs a Global Youth Empowerment Platform and young people are developing it. Apply NOW:

From  17/10/2011  to  23/10/2011, two thousand (2000) youths from  Africa,  Asia-Pacific,  Latin  America,  North America and Europe will come together to discuss the concept of “Global Youth Empowerment-a major development asset”. These young  people  from different  parts  of  the  world  use  the  concept  of “global empowerment” or related practices in their daily work as youths across all disciplines.

The  Conference  is being organized  jointly  by  the  World Youth Parliament , strategic partners  and other stakeholders around the world  aimed  at:  to jointly  explore,  reflect and  deepen  the different  dimensions  of  youth  empowerment  across the globe. The Conference shall also  better define  the  needs  of  youth  organizations,  youth  workers  and  youth  leaders  of  all regions  of  the  world,  and  to  contribute  to  sustainable  strategies,  with  a  youth mainstreaming  approach,  towards more  effective  and  efficient  global  youth empowerment processes.

At  the  end  of  this  Conference,  we  seek  to  present a common  understanding  of  Global Youth Empowerment and provide possible Ways Forward.

A common understanding of Global Youth Empowerment encourages awareness of the interdependency between peoples’ local realities and the global perspectives. It stimulates people to critically approach these  increasing  dependencies  and  the  changes  it  is  going  through.  Global Youth Empowerment includes all stakeholders in its entire process. It is as well a methodology as it is a set of global issues.  Global Youth Empowerment has an emancipatory perspective of change by all relevant parties involved. So we understand ‘global’ as being the World and its issues, as well as a holistic approach to youth empowerment and as an empowerment for all.

We ask ourselves if a stable definition of Global Youth Empowerment is needed at all. A less rigid  definition  urges  all  parties  involved  to  keep  an  open  spirit  in  order  to continuously  question  this  definition  critically  through  participation  of  all especially the least empowered youth in our societies.

We understand that there are several definitions of the emerging concept of Global Youth Empowerment. Some  of  them  we find  very  inspiring:  the  definition  formulated  by the UN Youth Charter, Pacific Youth Charter, African Youth Charter and  the  Earth  Charter  amongst  others.  Various political processes and commitments exist that share the vision of a more just and sustainably developed world with the vision underlying Global Youth Empowerment.

These processes will benefit from being linked with Global Youth Empowerment. In particular the Earth Charter, the UN Culture of Peace and the Millennium Development Goals are valuable processes that can be supported by Global Youth Empowerment and vice versa.

We recognize the strong points of these definitions, but also realize that these are just different versions of Global Youth Empowerment, originating from institutions or networks with different backgrounds, and thus putting emphasis on certain aspects of Global Youth Empowerment.

As already mentioned Global Youth Empowerment is a transformative involvement of youth. Throughout its process, Global Youth Empowerment continues to reflect the changes on processes as well as provoking the actors involved to critical thinking.  It  has to adapt  throughout  time,  as  well  as  space towards  the  local  context.  Global Youth Empowerment will change its stakeholders and its stakeholders will change Global Youth Empowerment.

Global Youth Empowerment is a progressive concept originating from a World Youth Parliament context and inspired by other visions from all over the world.  This  provides  essential  contribution  to  the concept  of  Global Youth Empowerment  and  its  understanding,  as  Global  Youth Empowerment  is contributing to these visions. These visions are all originating from certain regional contexts.  Its force is the dialogue between these different visions  since  these visions  are  all  voicing  a  similar  movement,  addressing  similar  concerns  and  using similar methods. The process of dialogue links different  educational concepts from  different  regions  and  realities  and  allows  new  empowerment  theories to spread into creative thinking and practices all over the world.

Various other empowerment approaches exist such as the Peaceful Empowerment, the Inter-cultural Empowerment, the Human Rights Empowerment, the Citizenship Empowerment, the Development Empowerment, the Environmental Empowerment, the Refugee Empowerment, and the Education Empowerment, etc.  These  can  all  be connected  without being  replaced  by  Global Youth Empowerment  and  form  specific  approaches  to tackle specific local or regional issues.

Global Youth Empowerment can only be effective when properly placed in the local context. Global trends impact local realities and vice-versa. So, we recognize that it can be used  in  different  environments,  and  should  be  properly  adapted  to  the  local reality.  It should be implemented in local, regional as well as global environments.

Global Youth Empowerment from a youth perspective is explored, but recognizes that Global Youth Empowerment is an intergenerational process. READ MORE:

Thanks for reading and kindly let me know how I may help you with further information.

Best regards,

Joseph M D Johnson


  1. kisembo Rogers Solomon says:

    I from Uganda and would like to attend this years globle youth leadership summit,o please en light meabout the proceedures.

    Thank you

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  3. Bongnjo Foundation says:

    We are an association located in Yaounde, Cameroon, created to promote the human dev’t of the Cameroonian population and its youths in particular through progressive community action.We wish to subscribe to this site to have updates on youth events, projects, summits, conferences etc. Regards,

  4. Natelee Forbes says:

    It would be a pleasure to attend this Leadership Summit….
    Would like more information on the procedures and participation!!

  5. Samuel says:

    I am delighted to hear about this year summit,though I missed that of last year but will like to attend this year’s. I like to commend the organisers of this great summit.I like your passion for youths. I also advise to make scholarship available for less privilege that cannot afford the expenses either full or partial. Thanks.
    Youth Cordinator

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