African Youth Forum 2011: Accelerating Youth Employment for Sustainable Development

Posted: March 9, 2011 in African Youth and development, African Youth Summit, Youth Opportunities

The Chairperson says that ‘we should look at this forum as a ‘think tank’ and ‘prepare the youth for the future not the future to the youth’

1st April 2011, The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to ET, the AU (& the chairperson of the PRC) has officially declared the forum officially open. FB & twitter are tools to express ideas to help Accelerate the discussion process. The African Youth Forum 2011 taking place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.!/AYF2011 and

The African Youth Forum is coming up from 1 – 10 April 2011, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During the 15th Ordinary Session of the African Union Heads of State and Government, held in Uganda in 2010, the Assembly adopted ‘Accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development’ as the theme for 2011 Summit. Do you want to find out how to become a participant from and how to become accredited?  Kindly follow for further details.

Registration and Accreditation closes 20 March 2011

AU Summits are part of the mechanisms used by African leaders under the auspices of the African Union to deliberate and take action on commitments, upcoming issues and policy framing on social, economic and political aspects that affect African countries.

AU summits are organized under various themes that highlight areas of concern as agreed upon by Heads of States and Assemblies to consider key concerns of the continent. The forthcoming AU Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea will be held under the theme; “Accelerating Youth Empowerment and Sustainable Development in Africaâ€. – Read More FACEBOOK DETAILS:


The forum will raise awareness and call for effective commitment and actions on the part of all stakeholders and partners at all levels to effectively mainstream youth concerns into development policies, programs, strategies and practices in Africa. The Forum is also intended to strengthen Africa’s participation and engagement in the International Year of Youth with a view to ensuring that its concerns and priorities are adequately reflected.


More specifically, the Forum will:

  • Demonstrate the compelling evidence of youth empowerment for sustainable development;
  • Deliberate on how the youthfulness of the African population could be an asset and an opportunity ;
  • Deliberate on challenges that the youth face in general and propose key recommendations for the consideration of the Heads of State and Government;
  • Promote sharing of experiences, good practices and lessons learned in mainstreaming youth development into sustainable development agendas;
  • Showcase the significant innovative advancements of African youth, including the Diaspora in their research and scientific activities and achievements and its contributions towards sustainable development.
  • In respect to the previous decisions that African leaders have made to improve the livelihood of young people in Africa, the Forum will review the progress made in the implementation of these commitments and further identify fast-tracking approaches and measures needed to adequately address the continent’s priorities,
  • Give African impetus to the current worldwide momentum towards youth development issues,
  • Strengthen/build new strategic alliances and partnerships among youth networks within and outside Africa.


The following sub-themes will provide guidance to the debates and in group discussions:

v   Youth empowerment and socio-political stability :

ü  Youth and issues concerning democracy, governance, climate change, etc

ü  Youth and peace and security matters, conflict and post-conflicts involvement and responsibilities

v   Youth empowerment and socio-economic stability

ü  Education, science and technology, relevant training and employment

ü  Skills and life skills development

ü  Livelihoods and entrepreneurship and poverty reduction

v   Youth empowerment and social and individual welfare

ü  Youth facing Health challenges, HIV/AIDS

ü  Youth rights, obligations, responsibilities and legal issues

v   Youth empowerment and sustainable development

ü  Youth participation – Policies, decisions and practices (actions and approaches that worked)

ü  Opportunities and challenges

ü  Way forward for sustainable responses


Outputs (immediate results):

  • Concrete Resolutions/Recommendations submitted to the Assembly
  • Forum report
  • Forum Resolution/ “Call for Actions and Commitments”
  • Press releases
  • Publications 
  • Web publications

Outcomes (impacts):

  • Youth empowerment  and development programs prioritized and implemented successfully at National and Regional levels
  • Enhanced knowledge of African youth in mainstreaming youth concerns into; development policies and practices;
  • Strengthened capacity of African youth to address their own development; challenges and leverage opportunities presented;
  • Support for the implementation of the African Youth Charter and
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships on the Plan of Action.

[1] World Bank’s African Development Indicators Database, 2009

[2] UNFPA’s State of World Population Report 2003 and 2005

Thanks for taking your special time reading and considering this opportunity. You are always welcome to write me; I will be glad to respond to your comments or messages.

Best regards,

Joseph M D Johnson

General Secretary

Pan African Leadership Conference 2011

“Empower, Motivate and Inspire Youth!!”
African Union Youth Volunteer

Youth Advocate – Liberia

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